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Version 1 Vincent

Version 1 of Vincent - After Robowars 2004 Nationals

Vincent - Mothbots

Robot Class : 13.6kg : Weapon - Lifting Body/Wedge

Control System Experimental 3 channel Relay Controller with failsafe (Pic Micro)
Relays used x 8 for drive, x 2 for lift - Car relays (double pole) 12v x 30 amp
Drive Motors x 4 12v "Bunnings kk2 drill motors"
Wheel Types x 4 95mm high "Bunnings red wheels" on custom steel centers
Lift Mechanisim x 1 12v "kk2 drill motor" direct coupled to worm drive from car jack
Battery Power x 1 12v 7.0 ah "alarm" type battery (sealed lead acid)
Radio Used 36mhz 6 channel transmitter / receiver ( only using three channels )
Chassis Welded 5mm aluminum chequerplate baseplate and main body of wedge with 3mm "ribbed" aluminium side skirts
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Early test Frame
Build Photos Version 1 Version 2 current version Relay Controller