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Shrapnel - So named "cause it turns itself into shrapnel anytime you fire the weapon"

Team : Mothbots

Robot Class : 13.6kg

Build Status : Exploding junk

Primary Weapon : Extending Metal Spikes

Secondary Weapon : Uncontrolled "self-destruct" possibly killing opposition and it

Driver : TBA ( Last ones still in hospital )

Events : Nil

Best Position : Nil ( last seen "all over shed" )

Longest run time : 60 sec before primary weapon fire

Basic chassis construction : "C" channel aluminum spars , automotive air con clutch

Drive system : 2 x 12v "Bunnings drill motors" and wheel sets

Power supply : 2x 12v2.3ah "alarm" battery's (sla)

Present weight : 11.3 kg before primary weapon fires 5.6kg after (not including operator bandages)