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Relay overview

The experimental relay controller is a joint attempt project robowars , mothbots and some others to produce a combat ready - cheap "entry level" motor controller with a successfully failsafe system . Based on a "pic" micro controller and using very few components the ultimate cost of this simple controller is hoped to be about $30.oo . The Pic-Relay-Controller (PRC) plugs directly into the radio receivers servo outputs and can be configured to supply power direct to the receiver . Outputs are provided for the main drive relays ( 2 Channel ) and weapon drive relays ( 1 Channel ) and "channel mixing" is done in the software to greatly reduce set-up problems . Separate output are present for a power led , a "fail safe" led and mimic led's from the relay drives . Most of the components on the board are optional allowing a minimalist version to be built very cheaply . Designed to run from a wide range of voltages , the PRC is hoped to provide a simple and cheap solution to both new and old entrants . Options like opto-isolation , simple proportional control and separate power supplies are being considered for the "extended version" but this wont be available for some time yet .

You can download ( to your machine) the present wiring diagram here (180k)

Version 1 wiring diagram ( Please note this could be changed without warning )

As the project progresses further updates and changes will be posted on the robowars forum