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General P76 Information
Targa Wheels
"Experimental" - To be described soon
"Early" wheels are square on the inside edge and do not have a slight taper on the "nose" that the center cap fits on to .
"Late" wheels are identified by a champhered edge on the inside of the rim to allow for clearence from the tie rod end
Lower Control Arms -
"Early" are thinner in the body and are typical of most cars - these are very strong and pose no problem during normal use

"Late" are much thicker in the body around the "ball joint" and rubber and are not as well cast - these are reportedly only on very late build P76 and Force7 coupes

Owners Manuals
TP No 855 - Release (Mph speedo, Rhs Fuses ) printed 5 -73
TP No 855a - Update1 (Mph speedo, Rhs Fuses) printed 8 -73
TP No 855b - Update2 (Mph speedo, Lhs Fuses) printed 12-73 "factory air "
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