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On the 6th of December 1981 , a gathering of enthusiastic P76 owners took place in Parramatta Park in N.S.W. From the discussion at the gathering the decision to form a club was made and a committee was formed to co-ordinate development . This group then proceeded to formulate the aims of the club .

During these deliberations it was discovered that a similar movement was taking place in Adelaide. Contact was made with this group and the two clubs collaborated to establish a national constitution. Several outings were then planned to publicize the formation of the I.E. club and to encourage further membership. A club magazine was established with a view to publicizing further activities and also to provide a forum for the dissemination of relevant technical and general information.

A meeting was held in Melbourne on Sunday 3rd April 1983 to consider the formation of a Victorian branch of the Leyland P76 Owners Club of Australia , members of both the N.S.W and S.A clubs attended . An interim committee was formed to advertise the creation of a club , find a intial location and to make all the necessary arrangements to get the Victorian Leyland P76 club launched .

The first official meeting was held in "Jell's Park" in Melbourne on the 19th June 1983 , 44 P76 cars attended . Presented with brilliant weather , this formation meeting became part social barbecue , part meeting and lasted for most of the day . The interim chairperson was Phil Barker and apologies were recorded for Chris and Simon Waller , George Truscott and Mike Bull . Initial discussions included a ABC documentary to be filmed , correspondence with the Sydney P76 club , car stickers , t-shirts and finished with the membership fees being set at $10.oo to join with a annual fee of $20.oo. 14 people stood for the original committee positions and they are recorded as : John O'Neil , Eric Waller , Geoff White , Davic White , Bob Maskiel , Stan Ozelis , Rick Perceval , Mike Chadwick , Jack Jefferies , Val Jefferies , George Kanicki , Phill Barker , Michael Brown and Alf Shepard , with all 7 committee positions being filled .

The founding Committee of our club became : President Michael Brown
  Vice President Alf Shepard
  Secretary Stan Ozelis
  Treasurer Bob Maskiel
  Registrar Jack Jefferies
  Deputy Registar Val Jefferies
  Parts Member Geoff White
  Social Secretary Phill Barker

All Positions were unopposed and accepted by the nominees . The first newsletter was published in December 1983 .

From such humble beginnings our club has progressed  for over 21 years , supporting its members and one of Australia's most significant cars

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