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Commitee and Club Contacts
President Ken Weston e-mail Ph: 0417 364 894 (Work)

Manages the general running of the club

Vice President Rick Perceval e-mail Ph: 0401 778 501 (Work)

Assists the President and controls jobs delegated by the President

Secretary David Walker e-mail


Basic administrative duties and manages Club correspondence

Treasurer Silvia Hayes e-mail Ph: 03 5282 3158

Manages club finances , membership payments etc

Editor Rachel Walker e-mail Ph: 0413 243 697

Produces and distributes Club magazines etc

Registrar Martin Hayes e-mail Ph: 03 5282 3158

Manages club membership records and historical information

Parts and Tech Philip McCumisky e-mail Ph:

Assist members with technical help and the location of suitable parts

Social Secretary John Ernst e-mail Ph: 0429 007 080

Organizes Club events and publicity where appropriate

Web-Master The Moth e-mail